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Hangzhou Fullwell Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 which located in Qimeng Science & Innovation Park, Liangzhu Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou. FULLWELL is committed to the research and development, production and sales of optoelectronic equipment such as CATV optical fiber transmission and the triple-play integration of optical broadband networks. Over the years,our company has carried out a lot of products development in the field of optical fiber transmission, forming a number of products with company's core technology such as : 1550nm externally modulated optical transmitters; erbium and ytterbium co-doped high-power optical fiber amplifiers for broadcasting and telecommunications and other optical communication products; broadcasting, broadband, telephone  triplex combined optical fiber amplifiers, which win a high reputation for providing a large number of stable optical services for municipal and township radio and television systems, telecommunications broadband, power, transportation, education, and enterprise optical fiber research projects.

FULLWELL mainly products include: 1550nm Externally Modulated Optical Transmitters; Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier for Broadcasting and Telecommunications; Erbiumand Ytterbium co-doped High-power Fiber Amplifier; XG(S)-PON &CATV WDM EDFA, Single-Frequency and Dual-Band CATV ONT, Single Fiber Three Wave ONU, Optical Receiver and other products.


In order to keep up with the needs for optical communication equipment from old and new customers in domestic and foreign markets , in recent years, our company has designed and produced the following "FULLWELL" brand series products with professional OEM and   customized services for operators and distributors.

Triple Play Integration Equipment: XGS-PON, XG-PON, GPON + CATV EDFA combiner, is the core optical transmission system equipment that realizes the integration of PON FTTH / FTTP three networks, 32/64/128 ports PON CATV EDFA input optical fiber amplifier,32/64/128 ports PON + CATV EDFA combined wave 1550/1490 / 1310nm output, combined optical output power: 30 ~ 45dBm, well compatible with OLT & ONU equipment of HUAWEI, ZTE, Fiberhome and other companies to ensure the data is not lost. It realizes the multiplexing function of XPON broadband, telephone and CATV optical signals after amplification, and has a high cost performance.

1550nm Externally Modulated Optical Transmitter series: The FWT-1550ET series is a 1550nm externally modulated optical transmitter that meets domestic standards. It has independently developed an original dual microwave source control circuit with excellent performance CNR≥ 53dB, output ITU wavelength adjustable and can be designed according to customer requirements for specified wavelength. In addition, SBS threshold: 13 ~ 19dBm continuously adjustable, can transmit more than 160 kilometers, transmission superior equipment in the backbone network.

Telecom WDDM C-band Optical Fiber Amplifier: can receive ultra-low optical power -30dBm, output optical power: 13 ~ 26dBm, sampling JDSU and FITEL international brand pump laser, output port can be customized. The hot-swappable 1 + 1 dual backup power supply with aluminum profile structure has stable and reliable performance and it is widely used in high-power optical fiber communication system, free space optical communication, optical distribution system, medical treatment, laser industry, teaching and scientific research DWDM transmission field.

Erbium-Ytterbium Co-Doped High-Power Fiber Amplifier,output optical power 30 ~ 45dBm series: Erbium-Ytterbium co-doped double-clad high-power fiber amplifier, using high-power multi-mode pump imported high-performance laser, aluminum profile structure hot swap 1 +1 power supply with stable and reliable performance.It is widely used in: high-power optical fiber communication system, free space optical communication, optical distribution system, medical treatment, laser industry, teaching and scientific research DWDM transmission field.

Dedicated to triple play-single-fiber three-wave ONU WDM optical receiver, single-fiber receives CATV signal at 1550nm wavelength, and splits out XGS-PON, XG-PON, GPON optical signals 1490 / 1310nm & 1270 / 1577nm to ONU.It is also widely used in ONU such as HUAWEI, Fiberhome, and ZTE.

FULLWELL is ahead of others because we are very professional ! We will integrate resources, improve the high-level technical, management level, expand market channels, increase capital strength, and provide more satisfied products as well as the most convenient service for our clients.


We sincerely look forward to working with you to create a bright future for the photoelectric network!


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