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Recommended Products: XG(S)-PON+CATV WDM EDFA
Date:2020-02-12    Author:FullWell

"Quality broadband" has become a consensus in the development of the global broadband industry, to meet users' needs for CATV + 10G bandwidth, intelligently collecting CATV with HUAWEI SmartAX EA5800 NG-PON to help customers  to  build a access network with the function of "wider, faster and smarter", offering business experience for users with the ultimate broadband + CATV triple play network integration 10 Gigabit bandwidth , Simultaneously realizing the CATV signal and providing the same service board on a single optical fiber to support the mixed access application scenario of XGS-PON, XG-PON and GPON, which reduces the cost invested by the operator and greatly helps the operation to create a simple, all-optical, automated,  intelligent FTTH integrated access network.

FWAP-XGS series is the latest optical transmission system equipment of XG (S) -PON + CATV FTTH / FTTP three-network integration.It is the realization of the combined wave function of OLT XG (S) -PON broadband signal and CATV 1550nm optical signal after amplification. Number of input ports: 1 channel CATV + 32/64 channel XGS-PON / XG-PON and GPON input, combined wave 32/64 channel output: 1310 / 1490nm & 1270 / 1577nm + 1550nm, of which 1550nm output total power range 27 ~ 45dBm, 2 optical inputs can be customized according to user needs, as well as supporting multiple output. It is well compatible with HUAWEI  XG (S) -PON / ONU without losing data, and has a high cost performance.

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