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8 / 16 ports GPON OLT

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FWG-OLT5600T is a small-scale plug-in OLT, which is designed for GPON access applications, developed by FULLWELL and domestic chip manufacturing company. This product complies with international standard IEEE802.3-2005 and national standards " Technical Requirements for Passive Optical Network (GPON) Based on Ethernet Mode ", can provide users with access to integrated services such as broadband Internet, IP voice, IPTV, and CATV. High cost performance, stable and reliable operation quality, suitable for the construction of triple play network for new apartments, high-end hotels, high-end residential buildings, etc. and operators to invest in triple play network: CATV, broadband, and telephone.

 Suitable for FTTH or FTTP application scenarios, optional models provide multiple interfaces( such as GE, FE, CATV, etc.) to meet different services access requirements;

 Voice supports H.248, MGCP and SIP protocol.

 Supports CTC OAM extended protocol.

 GPON interface with optical power detection function.

 Plug and play, with automatic discovery, automatic configuration, automatic upgrade and other functions;

 Uplink port: Flexible design supports multiple types of network interfaces, and can be equipped with optical or electrical ports according to network conditions

 Network port with 1.5KV surging protection function, strong environmental adaptability


(1). Equipment Composition

Name of Parts

Number of Boards

Specification Description

Function Subbox


1U chassis with 10G switching board.

Core Control Panel(SWA)


1 FE port, 1 debug port, hot-swappable main control panel, 10 Gigabit non-blocking switching.

GPON Interface Disk


8 / 16-way GPON interface disk, in line with IEEE802.3-2005 EPON standard, supports 20km long transmission (standard configuration does not include SFP module).

Uplink Interface Disk(HUP)


Hot-swappable 4-way GE interface disk, SFP slot, supports 4GE + 10GE XFP (standard configuration does not include SFP module).



Hot-swappable fan.

Power Supply


Hot-swappable power disk, supports 220VAC power / 48VDC power supply (with UPS charging device). Configure 2 power inputs for dual power redundant hot backup.


(2). Hardware Characteristics

Device Parameters


486mm*103mm*384mm(Width * Height * Depth)



Power Consumption


Working Environment

Temperature-10 ~ +50℃; Humidity10 ~ 90%(Non-condensing)

Storage Environment

Temperature-25 ~ +70℃; Humidity10 ~ 90%(Non-condensing)

Power Supply


36 ~ 75 VDC/176 ~ 264 VAC

Device Interface

Uplink Ethernet Interface

1 X10GE (XFP connector), 4XGE interfaces (Electrical port or SFP connector)

GPON Interface

8/16 GPON SFP interface

Console Debug Port

1 port, Interface meets RS232 technical specifications

Out-of-band Management Interface

1 port, Interface meets 100Base-TX technical specifications

Monitoring Alarm Interface

1 port, Interface meets RS485 technical specifications (and provides dry node monitoring)


(3). Advanced Features

Exchange Function

10-Gigabit switch backplane; Non-blocking wire-speed switching capability; 16K MAC address table; Supports for 2K multicast table; Supports for 4K VLAN (802.1Q); Aggregation of up to 1X10GE and uplink 4XGE ports (IEEE 802. ad).


Supports IEEE 802.1Q-compliant VLAN; support 4K concurrent VLAN; Powerful VLAN extension function, supports VLAN Stacking / Trunk / Translation and flexible QinQ functions.


Supports STP, RSTP.


Supports IGMPv1 / v2 protocol; Supports IGMP Snooping / Proxy, controllable multicast


Supports CAR function; Supports QoS Profile management mode, allowing customers to formulate QoS service plans.

Storm Suppression

Supports broadcast, multicast and DLF broadcast storm suppression, according to the set of packets per second (pps) suppression.

Flow Control

Supports IEEE 802.3x flow control in full duplex mode; Back pressure flow control in half duplex mode.

Encryption &Security

Supports LLID MAC address binding and registration control of ONU. Prevents illegal ONU deception; Supports isolation control between ONUs under the same GPON network; Supports encrypted startup control configuration.

Network Link Test

Supports Ping and Link test for GPON network link diagnosis.

Configuration Recovery

Supports ONU offline configuration. Configures automatic delivery when registering.

Management Method 

FTP, Telnet, Console; Supports in-band management and out-of-band management; supports SNMPv1 / v2; Supports IEEE802.3ah OAM.

Management Function

Supports device configuration management, performance management, fault management, resource management, and security management

Redundant Backup

Support VAC and VDC dual power supply protection.




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